self portrait 2020

Jäke Little is an interdisciplinary artist interested in noisy, jagged and prickly things. Born in San Diego California, Jäke began their musical life as a drummer. While they does not come from a musical family, all sounds have been of immense interest to them, learning to understand music through the way it sounds and through the way it takes shape as matter in the intangible world and marrying that approach with the appreciation for the written and graphic tradition of music. Jäke composes music for all forms of ensembles, each one a new opportunity to spray vectors of texture, timbre and tones into the wind. They have composed works for ensemble PHASE, Mivos Quartet, the San Francisco State University Wind Ensemble and Orchestra. Jäke is currently studying composition at San Francisco State University, they have studied with Michael Gilbertson, Benjamin Sabey, Steve Horowitz and Nick Bacchetto. Jäke is also a writer of short fiction and poetry, prose is another outlet for Jäke to erect angular and erratic ideas. Jäke also spends time illustrating, painting and printing. Any form of artistic expression they are open to without discrimination and an ecstatic engagement. Jäke identifies as queer and uses any pronouns with no preference.

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